Air Headers


AIR HEADERS/ AIR DISTRIBUTION MANIFOLDS : WESMEC Brand Air Headers are specially designed for delivering air or utility to multiple take off points. These are custom manufactured as per client’s requirement for material, number of outlets and valve configurations. The WESMEC Air Header can be provided with mounting bracket.


• Available in a variety of end connections.

• Various types of valves provided as per your requirement.

• Bolting devices will be provided by us.

• Various types of Coating used to avoid corrosion.

• Designed as per ASME SEC VIII Div. I.

• Fabrication and Welding as per ASME SEC IX.

• Hydraulic Test Pressure: up to 40 Kg/Cm².

• Pneumatic Test Pressure: up to 100 Kg/Cm².

• Weld Joints are Argon welded by qualified welders.

• WPS for approval are done as per Client’s request.

• NDT (Non Destructive Test) available on request.

• Standards Followed: ASME B36.10/36.19/B16.9/B16.11, CE Marking.

• Marking and Identification as per MSS-SP-25.



• Application: It is used for delivering multiple take offs.


• Special requirements available on request.