• Syphons for steam services

• Pigtail for vertical installations

• Coil for horizontal installations

Description :

Pressure gauge syphons are used to protect the pressure gauge from the effect of hot pressure media such as steam and also to reduce the effect of rapid pressure surges. The pressure medium forms a condensate and is collected inside the coil or pigtail portion of the syphon. The conden- sate prevents the hot media from coming in direct contact with the pressure instrument. When the syphon is first installed, it should be filled with water or any other suitable separating liquid.


Connections :

Plain Ends, Butt-Weld Ends, Threaded Ends. etc.


Materials :

• Brass

• Steel A120, schedule 40

• Steel A106B, schedule 80 & 160

• 316 stainless steel, schedules 80 & 160

• Chrome Moly steel (A335 P22), XX Heavy