Needle Valves


    NEEDLE VALVES : WESMEC Brand Needle valves offers a comprehensive range of Needle Valves. Our range includes both Integral and Screwed Bonnet designs. These Needle Valves are available in a variety of end connections covering screwed male and female pipe ends and tube ends. They are designed as per applicable standards. It is widely used in gases, liquids and vacuum operations at high pressure and temperature.



    • Available in a variety of end connections.

    • A swiveling, non-rotating and rotating plug which prevents body leakage and ensures positive aligned seating for repeat operations.


    • Hydraulic Test Pressure: (BODY) up to 630 Kg/Cm².

    • Hydraulic Test Pressure: (SEAT) up to 420 Kg/Cm².

    • Pneumatic Test Pressure: up to 7 Kg/Cm².


    • Non Destructive Test (NDT) available on request.

    • Positive Material Identification Test (PMI) available on request.

    • Standards Followed: MSS-SP-99, ASME B1.20.1, BS 4368 Part IV, BS 3799, CE Marking. >

    • Marking and Identification of Valves as per MSS-SP-25.

    • Inlet arrow marked on the valve body.