Manifolds Valves


    MANIFOLD VALVES : WESMEC brand 2 Way, 3 Way and 5 Way Manifold Valves are multipurpose valves which offer a safe and economical method of installation. They are designed as per applicable standards which are best suited for your requirements. These manifolds are used for direct coupling to a differential pressure transmitter for maximum saving in both installation time and space.



    • Available in a variety of end connections.

    Pressure Temperature Rating: up to 9000PSI.


    • Hydraulic Test Pressure: (BODY) up to 630 Kg/Cm².

    • Hydraulic Test Pressure: (SEAT) up to 420 Kg/Cm².

    • Pneumatic Test Pressure: up to 60 Kg/Cm².


    • They come in standard 54mm or 2.1/8 inch Instrument Connection. Centre distance found in majority of instruments.

    • It comes in Remote Mounting (Straight/Flat type) and Direct Mounting ("T" and "H" type).

    • Remote Mounting is used for pipe to pipe impulse lines.

    • Direct mounting is used for pipe to flange impulse lines.

    • Available with Vent and Drain Connection.

    • Non Destructive Test (NDT) available on request.

    Positive Material Identification Test (PMI) available on request.

    • Standards Followed: MSS-SP-99, MSS-SP-61, BS 3799 and ASME B1.20.1/B16.11, CE Marking.

    Marking and Identification of Valves as per MSS-SP-25.

    • Schematic Flow marked on the valve body.