GLOBE VALVES : WESMEC Brand Globe valves offers a comprehensive range of Globe Valves. For the past decades our customers worldwide have trusted us to provide them with consistent and reliable valve products in their most severe and critical service. Forged steel and Casting valves are designed, manufactured and tested to the latest manufacturing specifications. It is widely used in gases, liquids and vacuum operations at high pressure and temperature. They can throttle the flow and they will not leak even in low pressure when they are shut off.



    • Available in a variety of end connections.

    • Available in Bolted bonnet, Screwed Bonnet and Integral Bonnet.

    • Available in Stainless Steel Spiral wound and Asbestos Graphite gasket for more safety.

    • Various types of Coating and Plating used to avoid corrosion.

    • Hydraulic Test Pressure: (BODY) up to 630 Kg/Cm².

    • Hydraulic Test Pressure: (SEAT) up to 420 Kg/Cm².

    • Pneumatic Test Pressure: up to 7 Kg/Cm².

    • Non Destructive Test (NDT) available on request.

    • Positive Material Identification Test (PMI) available on request.


    Standards Followed:

    • ASME B16.34/B16.10/B16.5/B16.11/B1.20.1/BS 1873/BS 5146/API 598, CE Marking.

    <• Marking and Identification of Valves as per MSS-SP-25.

    • Inlet arrow marked on the valve body.


    Applications : It is used situations where throttling of the commodity is required.


    • Special requirements available on request.