Ball Valves


    BALL VALVES : WESMEC Ball Valves are designed to applicable standard. Only a quarter turn operation is required to close the valve from fully open condition and vice-versa. The inside ball moves on Teflon seals and stem faces contact with the Teflon rings. There is low operating torque in the operation of valve for long time.



    • One Piece, Three Piece Design, Two Way, Three Way, Five Way Designs.

    • Available in a variety of end connections.

    • They are used in two way as well as three way design with bottom entry and other outlet ports in the same plane.

    • Panel mounting available as an option.

    • Low operating torque.

    • Floating ball design to ensure leak proof shut off at high pressure.


    • Integral Ball Stem is machined from one single piece for switching model.

    • Hydraulic Test Pressure: (BODY) up to 210 Kg/Cm².

    • Hydraulic Test Pressure: (SEAT) up to 150 Kg/Cm².

    • Pneumatic Test Pressure: 10 Kg/Cm².

    • Their compact design is ideal for applications that require minimum carry over fluid when switching from port to another. These valves are also used for static and vehicular CNG (compressed natural gas) applications.

    • Non Destructive Test (NDT) available on request.

    • Positive Material Identification Test (PMI) available on request.

    • Standards Followed: ASME B16.11/ B1.20.1, API 598/608, ISO 17292, ASME BS 4368 Part IV/BS 5351, CE Marking.

    • Marking and Identification of Valves as per MSS-SP-25.